Since it was launched onto an unsuspecting world In Too Deep has been attracting rave reviews from all four corners of the caving world (though so far no word from Afghanistan...)
Look What They're Saying!
"The CD arrived late last week and I've been listening to it all weekend. It's great! I'm taking orders from Cascade Grotto for CD's. I played it for several of them yesterday and they want copies! P.S. Nice photos & design." Van Bergen, Cascade Grotto, NSS - reviewer for the NSS News.
"I was just up at the Kamloops meeting and got a copy of In Too Deep. "Brilliant" hardly does it justice! I see a huge demand looming!!" Scott McNab, Vice-President, VICEG.
"The CD is absolutely BRILLIANT! I don't think I've ever laughed so much as I did the first time I listened to it, and I've played it over and over again since. The songs are all classics, and I'm impressed both by the obvious talent of the musicians and by the quality of the recording. I reckon it's going to be my favourite souvenir of Canada!" Stephen Phipps Tasmania, Australia
"I am moved to tell you that the more I listen to Dangerous Dick, the more I love it! At first blush, it all seems like, well, the same guys doing a bunch of barbershop quartet stuff. But when you pay attention to it (as in the long ride in the truck I just took), it's a pretty amazing body of work. These are true musicologists, and they really had fun mimicking a lot of very well-known genres while stirring in some wonderful lyrics that show them to be true cavers as well. They'll be getting a lot of play at all the events we'll do this season!" Alex Sproul, NSS 8086RL/FE, Inner Mountain Outfitters
"In Too Deep manages to clatter in true caving style through a variety of musical genres, from staggeringly funny spoof country, through gorgeous Irish flute playing to wildly boisterous bar-room 12 bar blues, a warning though... you'll catch yourself whistling it all underground..." Alan, Parys U/grd Group
"I woke up this morning with an empty whiskey bottle and the strangest feeling that we recorded a cd last night..." Dangerous Dick


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