They're Back...
And This Time With An Attitude!
Just when you thought it was safe to poke your head above ground again, the boys are back! It's time for musical mayhem with the world's most original caving band, Dangerous Dick and The Duckbusters! And you'll love this one...
Following on from the highly acclaimed debut 'In Too Deep' The Duckbusters have the pedal to the metal again with another massive collection of stompin' caving classics, so dig out yer kit and lets get a dose of Karst Fever...
The band has got bigger since 'In Too Deep', original members The Mole, Boomer and phratic Pete welcome two new members, Saul 'Superstal' Scneider on fiddle and 'Slammin' Darin Sirvyak on drums. You'll certainly notice the added range of musical textures that these talented rookie cavers bring to the band. So... settle in for another musical tour-de-farce of the world of caves, caving and cavers as only Dangerous Dick can present it!
A warm glow of satisfaction comes free with every copy. Please do not copy this cd- you're just ripping off your fellow cavers
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Parental Advisory Warning

The words 'Shagged out' and 'Bastard' are not used on this cd (unlike on 'In Too Deep', although the phrase 'Oh Shit' does. This is used purely in the context of employing a complex system of levers and pullies whilst caving and should, in no way, be taken as a reference to the consequences of mis-timed or ill-advised use of high explosives underground. Oh no.

Cavers to the Core / Horne Lake Hornpipe (4:28)
a reminder from the band that music isn't everything - we're serious cavers too!
Bangin' Bill (3:26)
a musical tribute to that controversial figure - the micro-blaster! Cave softly ………………………………
The Caver's Prayer* (3:39)
you don't have to be religious to endorse this one!! What every caver really wants!
The Ballad of Dangerous Dick** (4:00)
at last! Some "real" information about Dangerous Dick and his crazy crew!
The Codgers Caving Club (3:46)
what do cavers do when they get old?!? Find out right here!!
The Cavernous Crawl (4:32)
one way of passing the dog-days of winter when the streamways and the caver's thirst both run high together!
A "Shaw" Thing (3:30)
a tribute to our mate Pat Shaw, man of many talents! It's all true, folks - would we lie to you?!? (UK Note: met him, it's true!)
Karst Fever (4:21)
A grim warning about the dread disease to which all cavers are highly susceptible. Dangerous Dick knows the cure!!
The Parys Mountain Mine / Knocker's Reel (5:55)
a tribute to Dick's mine-exploring mates in the Parys Underground Group in Anglesey, North Wales. (Home!)
Don'cha Meddle with The Mole! (3:32)
advice for the "call me when it goes" crowd who hate digging!
This Old Caving Helmet of Mine (5:57)
even hardened cavers wax sentimental on occasion
Frozen at the Top of the Drop (3:39)
every rookie caver's worst nightmare!
The Caver's Alphabet (2:20)
forget the text-books! Here's caving from A to Z in one supremely silly song!!
Time ta Quit Cavin' when the Lights go Out (3:32)
some very sound (and quite loud!) advice from the band on the subject of caving safely!!
Cavers to the Core (reprise) / The Winds of Weymer (7:52)
thanks for listening, and a promise from the band.. we leave you with a serious musical tribute to one of our favourite caving areas.
All profits from the UK sales of this cd are split between cave conservation and study projects in Canada and the UK

A professionally recorded collection of all original "Songs of Caves, Cavers and Caving" which capture the spectrum of moods of our particular obsession. The title says it all..."In Too Deep" - we've all been there, and want to go back! Produced for the entertainment of cavers everywhere and the financial benefit of the Canadian Cave Conservancy and UK Cave Conservation and Study.

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