A philharmonic phlight of phreatic phantasy!... Written and performed by cavers for the enjoyment of cavers and non-cavers alike. Other bands only do their thing on the surface in the glare of the spotlight... we dare to go deep down and do it in the glare of the Oldham! So join us now as we go... ......In Too Deep...
A warm glow of satisfaction comes free with every copy. Please do not copy this cd- you're just ripping off your fellow cavers
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Parental Advisory Warning

The words 'Shagged out' and 'Bastard' are used on one track on this cd, although the word 'bollocks' does not appear as this is a family record. These are used purely in the context of caving and should, in no way, be taken as a reference to any members of the band or to cavers in general. No matter what experiences you may have had...

On The Surface Once Again - (tune traditional - lyrics by Adrian Duncan) 3:24
a celebration of the way we feel at the end of a long, tough trip
Mole in a Hole - (Adrian Duncan) 2:52
a view of caving from the perspective of an underground virtuoso!!!
It All Sounds Like Bullshit to Me - (Adrian Duncan) 4:10
what, cavers indulge in the telling of tall tales??? Never!!!
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The Cop-out Calypso - (Adrian Duncan/Peter Curtis) 3:05
need an excuse to stay topside?? This'll do ya!!!
Talkin' Cavin' Blues - (Adrian Duncan) 5:35
a motley crew on an ill-conceived caving trip with an explosive ending!!
The Caver's Complaint - (Adrian Duncan) 4:16
therapy for those caving trips when nothing seems to go right...................
Creepy Crawlways - (Adam LaRusic/Adrian Duncan) 4:23
think you've seen some scary caving?!? You ain't seen nuthin' yet!!!
A Caver's Question - (Adrian Duncan) 4:49
how to explain caving to someone who just can't understand?!?
Resonance/Fingal's Cave - (Adrian Duncan/traditional) 3:20
musical reflections of our first performance together in Resonance Cave
The Dying Caver - (tune traditional - lyrics by Adrian Duncan) 3:02
giving the phreatic phinger to the Grim Reaper!
Bottom of the Hole, Startin' Up Again Blues - (Adrian Duncan/Adam LaRusic) 3:34
the problems that we cavers create for ourselves..............
One More Pitch, but She's a Bitch! - (tune traditional - lyrics by Adrian Duncan) 2:35
when the final pitch really seems to be a pitch too far.....
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All profits from the UK sales of this cd are split between cave conservation and study projects in Canada and the UK

A professionally recorded collection of all original "Songs of Caves, Cavers and Caving" which capture the spectrum of moods of our particular obsession. The title says it all..."In Too Deep" - we've all been there, and want to go back! Produced for the entertainment of cavers everywhere and the financial benefit of the Canadian Cave Conservancy and UK Cave Conservation and Study.

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